I offer a boutique consultancy service for corporates, universities, and government organisations, with a focus on equality and diversity strategy – particularly gender equity, though I am also well placed to assist SMEs and start-ups with my tailored, bespoke services. 

A qualitative researcher by passion and training, I can provide insight into the structural barriers in organisations that may contribute to inequalities, as well as qualitative impact analysis of CSR initiatives. I rigorously analyse, interpret and communicate qualitative data to help organisations:

  • Gain deeper insight for example into organisational dynamics which contribute to inequalities
  • Build competitive advantage through contemporary HR practice development and strategy building
  • Capitalise on the values of gender diversity, as well as provide analysis of gender pay gap issues
  • External benchmarking and competitor analysis around corporate sustainability
  • Improve strategic human resource management and corporate social responsibility

I can provide you or your organisation with innovative, qualitative insights which are theoretically underpinned and executed with academic rigour. I offer advice into how to strategically drive your business and people forward, develop organisational understandings of corporate sustainability and culture. Ultimately, I provide innovative thinking for diverse strategic solutions. 

For further information about my consultancy services and to discuss your specific requirements, please contact me directly via the 'contact me' section of this site. I'd be delighted to hear from you! 

Organisations that I have worked for, alongside, or have an existing relationship with include:

P&G  co-author on the following report:  specifically providing academic supervision and guidance to the author of the following report as a part of